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At Stone Chiropractic Health Center, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our Davison office.

Chiropractic Care

We provide spinal correction utilizing gentle chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists. These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Stone & Dr. Sutherland have years of training and experience in spinal adjustment.

Corrective Exercises

We teach our patients special "blueprint" exercises to help strengthen and correct their own unique problem. These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction. In addition to skeletal misalignment, muscles and connective tissues can be out of place or strained by improper alignment and use. Specific exercises and stretches can help your body stay in balance and in health.


Discover the Backbone of Our Practice: Explore How We Harness the Power of Diversified, Thompson, and Activator Techniques for Optimal Spinal Health!


Performing x-rays can reveal important health information and unlock the door to improved health and well-being. We perform x-rays (unless opted out) for all patients when deemed necessary.  "To see is to know. To not see is to guess. We don't guess when it comes to your health." 

Functional Neuromuscular Activation Therapy (FNMT)

By definition, FNMT is the utilization of static pressure on specific myofascial points to relieve pain. This technique manipulates the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, and connective tissue) to balance the central nervous system. By releasing these adhesions and trigger points the nervous system is able to stabilize low levels of neurological activity to maintain normal function and overall health.

Decompression Table

Do you have constant low back or neck pain troubles? Have you ever had a herniated disc, bulging disc, or severe degeneration? Then, distraction table therapy may be the right course of action for you. 

Spinal decompression therapy or also referred to as nonsurgical spinal decompression works by gradually stretching the spine while the patient is in the traction table or a similar motorized device. Its main goal is to provide relief in back, leg, or neck pain caused by bulging, degenerating, or herniated disc. This table will be used on a case-by-case basis for those who are needing that extra push to heal. 

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