The Psoas Muscle!

How many of us out there work a desk job, sit too much, or have lots of general low back pain/stiffness. The Psoas Muscle is such an important muscle in our body. This muscle can be tricky and cause lots of low back pain if this something you never stretch. If left unstretched, this can cause lots of low back pain and stiffness!


When you are sitting at a desk chair for example, the psoas becomes very tight because it is contracted ALL. DAY. LONG. Your psoas muscle allows you to bend your hips and legs towards your chest the way you need to in order to climb stairs. It also helps you move your leg forward when you walk or run and flex your trunk when you bend over to lift something. The psoas muscle isn’t just for movement though, it also supports your internal organs and stabilizes your spine. 


Our modern lifestyles offer little room for stretching or focusing on our bodies. Whether we’re working at a desk all day or standing on our feet too long, our bodies aren’t getting proper recuperation following demanding lifestyles. We believe that chiropractic care is one of the best ways to achieve the all-over body wellness that we desire after a long taxing day. Additionally, we have exercise videos on our website that can help!

One specific stretch I use to stretch this muscle is a lunge. This stretch allows us to fully engage the psoas muscle, especially if you lean your upper body back. 


Try this stretch if you're doing lots of sitting daily!

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