Safety Pin Cycle

What Does a Safety Pin Have to Do With Chiropractic!?

ChiropracTOR's deal with something called SUBLUXATION each and everyday. A subluxation is a misalignment in the spine, putting pressure on the nerve, that causes interference in the brain/body connection leading to dis-ease in the body. 

Now we're asking ourselves, what does a safety pin have to do with chiropractic and my health?

Well, lets imagine a safety pin. When a safety pin is closed, it is holding whatever its connected to together. An open safety pin is no longer functioning because the pieces are no longer together. Think of the round end of the pin as your body and the top that opens and closes as your brain. An open safety pin represents a message between the brain and body that is interfered with. The role of your chiropractor is to detect and locate such disconnections and remove them with an adjustment. This helps restore the optimal connection between your brain and your body in our closed safety pin, which represents a fully functioning circuit between your brain and body. 


Does this mean I should get checked and adjusted if necessary?

YES! Everyone has a spine & everyone should get checked with a complete thorough exam. Would you rather live life with an open safety pin or a closed one?

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